the best $300 I ever spent

Okay, well maybe not EVER. And, maybe it ended up being a little more than $300. Still, it was pretty darn worthwhile.

One of our little “top priority” house projects is painting. As in, pretty much every surface of the entire house is in need of a redo. Which is a lot of paint. Along with a lot of sore muscles. But first up is, of course, the dreaded selection of paint colors. It wasn’t all bad – at least I knew one thing: I definitely want a gray-ish theme for the house. (And let me mention that I’ve been a fan of gray tones before gray became the “it” color for paint, shoes, shirts and everything else.) Beyond that, I was clueless.

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lemons to lemonade

I started yoga again last Tuesday night as part of my return to normal life. I had taken a hiatus when everything else took over, so it was really wonderful to get back to it. As time passes I recognize more and more the benefits of taking an hour and a half of my week to take deep breaths, stretch my body and focus on just being in the moment. Or, that’s the idea at least. It doesn’t always work but hey, at least I’m trying!

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a bit of a hairy situation

As I’m sure many women out there (and yes, some men as well) can relate to, we’ve got a constant “hair” situation happening in our house. Every time we turn around, there’s a drain clogged because, well, I’ve got a lot of hair. And when one has a lot of hair, it doesn’t always stay on your head. It often comes out. And goes in the drain. Some others in my household, who shall remain unnamed, seem to have a hard time understanding this phenomenon.

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