I’m Melinda. I grew up in Northern California; moved to the east coast for graduate school and stayed for 13 years. It was during 11 of those years in Washington, D.C. that I built my career; made some of my best, lifelong girlfriends; met and married my husband, Jeff; bought our first house and had our first child, Ian. My beloved firstborn. Then, we moved. To Portland. Oregon. As in, that state I had barely ever been to before despite living just south of there for 21 years.

Things were rough for a while. (Thank you, economy.) Then, they got better. One child became two. Her name is Elena, and she’s spunky and full of joy. By day, I work in communications for a nonprofit. By night, there’s no one I enjoy spending time with more than Jeff, Ian and Elena. Except when I need a break, mostly from the under-six crowd.

We love the Pacific Northwest…great wine, food, scenery, activities…what’s not to love? (Did I mention the great wine?) All in all, our life isn’t extraordinary in any particular way, but it’s pretty good.

This blog is about our journey.

Interested in providing feedback? You can reach me at burpobanter@gmail.com.


1 thought on “About

  1. You have the cutest two sweethearts, Gramma Jeanette is so proud and she has shared with me.
    I am delighted to be a part of this beautiful family. Love Aunt Dot

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