a bit of a hairy situation

As I’m sure many women out there (and yes, some men as well) can relate to, we’ve got a constant “hair” situation happening in our house. Every time we turn around, there’s a drain clogged because, well, I’ve got a lot of hair. And when one has a lot of hair, it doesn’t always stay on your head. It often comes out. And goes in the drain. Some others in my household, who shall remain unnamed, seem to have a hard time understanding this phenomenon.

Now, I try. Really, I do. I mean, I don’t like a clogged drain just as much as the next person, so I’m proactive about pulling it out and placing it in the trash. Again, I’m guessing there are others out there who can relate. Yet still, I admit it’s a problem. Of course we’ve tried it all out of desperation: Drano, Liquid Plumber, Pledge…okay, maybe not Pledge. We just thought about it. Nothing worked until about two years ago when our life changed. Forever.

It was post-Elena’s birth, which, for those “in the know” means that I was shedding more hair than two dozen huskies gathered for a doggie party. One day I had a plumber over – for what exactly, I don’t remember. A clogged drain, perhaps? Anyway, it was this plumber who changed our lives. Or, at least I think it was this plumber. (Gosh, makes me think I should at least remember his name since he changed my life and all. I digress.)

Anyway, we were having drain discussions, as one often does with a plumber, and he asked if I was familiar with “Hair Away.” I was not. At that point, I was strongly encouraged to buy some, followed by stories of him dealing with the manes of three daughters and this stuff saving his life, or at least his sanity.

First, let me say it’s not the easiest stuff to find. I mean, it’s not like you are going to walk into Target or Fred Meyer and pick some up. This is a serious specialty item in the world of drain cleaners. Luckily, some Googling (oh how I love the Internet) led me to a Portland-based company called SEPTICLEAR, which makes sense because don’t all awesome products come from Portland? So I go to the site and shazaam! – there it is: Hair Away.

However, since it appears that SEPTICLEAR likes to take a “simple” approach to web marketing, it wasn’t until I called the number at the bottom of the screen and spoke with a very nice woman that I learned where I could find the product locally (besides driving to her “headquarters” office, I assume, which she did not offer). For us, it’s an Ace Hardware store in Beaverton. As soon as I told Jeff, he was in the car and arriving in the parking lot faster than I could say adios.

Upon arriving home, we put this liquid gold to work – letting it sit in our shower overnight, as directed. And that was the last hair clogging issue we had at our old house, I kid you not. Now, I do highly suspect it has something to do with the “poison” warnings written all over the bottle…so definitely not something you want anywhere remotely close to the kids or pets. But still very much recommended if you too are tired of dealing with this hairy situation at home.

I bring this up now because with the move, we did not have any of our previous product and were amazed at how quickly problems arose in the new digs. Last weekend we stopped by the hardware store to pick some up and voila – all better! Jeff said when he made the purchase the guy at the counter said they sell at least one bottle a day, with many making special trips in for it. So, there you go.

Want all your (hair) problems to go away? Get some

Hair Away today!

This public service announcement is brought to you by burpo banter.


1 thought on “a bit of a hairy situation

  1. I love your post!!! I too shed way too much. We were wintering in AZ somewhere, in our RV. Ran into the same problem…found hairway in a small little RV store. Upon coming home, to a newly purchased (used) home, I quickly ran into the same problem that I did in the RV…backed up shower. Now we were out of Hair Away. No problem let’s just run to the hardware store…nope, the Discount store, nope…Lowes, nope…Home Depot, nope…back home dejected. Pull out the laptop…let’s just order it from Amazon or some other website…nope. Finally ran across the same site that you did…had to actually call them…just like you did…we too, live in Oregon, but like I said, I first found the product in an RV store in AZ. We used to live in Beaverton also, but now we live in Bend, OR…guess what? Our Ace Hardware in Bend also carries it…I bought 4 bottles…don’t want to run out again while on the road in our RV or here in our home. By the time I get the last bottle, I’ll be heading back to Ace to get 4 more bottles LOL : )

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