Let me just start by saying that the fact that it’s Sunday night and I’m about to start a full work week scares me just a little. Because really, my body is telling me that it should be Friday. How tired am I? I’m so tired that the best title I could come up for, for this post was “tired.” So sad.

I mean, not only do I feel like I’ve been hit by a Freightliner (just to be different), I feel like I’ve been thrown to the side of the road and then rolled off a cliff. Okay, maybe not the cliff part, but definitely the side of the road part. Perhaps more proof that my body just doesn’t operate like it used to.

I think it all started Saturday morning when I, perhaps foolishly, decided that this was the morning that I was going to overcome recent aches and pains and give it my all in my Zumba class. It definitely felt good during the class, partly because I felt as though I was conquering mind over matter, but by the end I was already kind of starting to feel like I could have been mistaken for a puddle of rain water on the floor. But there was no time to waste because we had limited family time ahead of us. Showers, naps, snacks, a load of laundry in, 10 rounds of clean up and we were headed out of the garage. First stop: lunch. Second stop: Best Buy to research new camera options.

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