quality time at the p. patch

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Well, it’s that time of year again…when we traipse out to Sauvie Island in search of the Great Pumpkin and hope it doesn’t decide to pour rain on us. Lately we’ve been so preoccupied with shoving our poor children into the car on weekends in search of the perfect home that we decided that we at least owed them a trip to The Pumpkin Patch. And yes, I mean literally, The Pumpkin Patch. That’s what the place is called. Clever, right?

This year we ventured out on Saturday afternoon right after Elena got up from her nap. We were positive we were doomed weather-wise because Matt [Zaffino] had promised rain that day, yet so far it had been sunny – so surely the dark clouds were headed our way any second. Amazingly, not only did the rain not appear, but it was actually kind of warm and sunny. Nice.

Just as we were prepared to enjoy at least a half hour of quality family time while everyone picked out their pumpkins, Jeff’s cell rang and suddenly, there he was, standing in the middle of the pumpkin patch deep in conversation with our realtor while I half engaged in the pumpkin search, and half anxiously waited for Jeff to get off the phone so I could get an update on our latest real estate “adventures,” as I like to call them. So much for family time.

Despite, we did manage to set aside personal business for a bit, disappointing as it was, after Jeff got off the phone and had a bit of fun. We also happened to locate the very best four (or five) pumpkins in the patch. And we have the pictures to prove it, darn it! Meanwhile, I think we are definitely ready for our lives to get back to some semblance of normal.


1 thought on “quality time at the p. patch

  1. Sadly we didn’t make it to Sauvie Island this year. Child abuse, right? I love that place! Maybe next year. Glad you had a fun, dry outing! Ian and Elena are both looking so grown up these days :() Tell them to knock it off already!

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