are you numb yet?

As if Mondays aren’t bad enough, I had the pleasure of ending mine with a visit to the dentist where I proceeded to be tortured with six – yes, SIX shots in my mouth. Seriously, they do know that torture is illegal, right?

It’s really no wonder why I hate going to the dentist more each year. Except, that was kind of part of the problem. Yes, it is here that I must shamefully admit that until last week, I had not been in for a cleaning since about June 2010. But not without reason! It was also then that I had the lovely experience of oral surgery on both sides of my mouth to fix receding gums. And then it was that August that I had the infamous – at least in my mind – “jaw episode” and believe me, for quite a while after that the thought of even stepping foot in the dentist’s office for a cleaning was just not going to happen. So yes, it was more than a year before I finally decided that I was going to have to suck it up and make a cleaning appt.

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