wasn’t it just yesterday…

It wasn’t until Ian actually hit this big milestone of starting elementary school this year that I realized what a big deal it is emotionally. I mean, to realize that your firstborn is starting a whole new stage of their life and that they are no longer your baby going to daycare or preschool. Wow. This is definitely real and different and, well, it just seems significant.

So, of course you as a parent you can’t help but think, “Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was holding him in my arms as a newborn and now he’s getting on the bus by himself?”

Yes, I believe it was.

Ian Glenn Burpo, January 10, 2006, Arlington, Virginia


3 thoughts on “wasn’t it just yesterday…

  1. I often think about this picture too, when i first saw my baby girl in one of these small cribs at the hospital, the nurses had just brought her over to us after they checked to make sure she was alright. I held her in my arms for the longest times, always kept her close to me and now? she’s in grade 5 making new friends and having a great time! it really does feel like time just flew! always treasure every moment 🙂

  2. Oh, I hear you. I was fighting back tears (and a big lump in my throat) all day. You know in theory that it’s a big step. But until you walk out that door and leave your child in the hands of a capable stranger…in a place they might be for the next 6 years..well, if that isn’t enough to reflect back on that moment of birth, I don’t know what is!

    • Believe me, i know how you feel and it’s not always easy even when she’s 10 at the moment. I still drive up to the school once in a while, just to see how she’s doing and bring her a snack or something. It might seem weird to some, but i just want to be sure she’s ok and that she knows i’m there 🙂

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