the big yellow school bus

Today may have been Ian’s second day of kindergarten, but it was his first day riding the bus. We can only hope that by May or heck, even October, he’ll be as excited and concerned about being on time for the bus as he was this morning. Here’s a mini photo essay:

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3 thoughts on “the big yellow school bus

  1. What fun to see the photos of our big boy off to the school bus! Thanks for the great pictures. And thanks for the report yesterday of his first day off to kindergarten — obviously, and understandably, it was hard for Mom and Dad, but it was clearly exciting for Ian. He is really growing up! I am eager to hear about his adventures in kindergarten.

  2. The hardest part for us has been feeling really out of the loop on what goes on with him during the day, particularly when he’s so much more on his own with the bus and getting lunch, etc. But, as far as we can tell he’s navigating it well so far and he definitely likes it. It’s been a busy but good week.

  3. Yes, even though Ian has been at preschool for a couple of years being in elementary school with a more prescribed school day does seem very different. He learned a lot academically at preschool but now the focus will even more on academics (not that he won’t continue to be nurtured in social and emotional ways as well).

    I can see how it feels that you cannot be as fully a part of his life. Sadly, that only gets more so! But, happily, he is maturing as you would want and has a wonderful life ahead — thanks to all the love and nurture he has always had from you and Jeff and others in his life.

    How is Elena doing in her new preschool? Has she settled in? I would guess that she is fully into having fun there now!.

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