happy memorial day

When we moved to Oregon in 2006 (yes, that means this November will be seven already…where does the time go?), we sorta, kinda started this tradition of heading to the coast for one of the days of Memorial Day weekend.

Of course there’s only one guarantee about our day at the beach at the end of May: it will be cold, windy and overcast – if we are lucky. It’s kind of a joke about the crummy Memorial Day weather in Oregon, except not really because it’s basically true that it’s NEVER nice. Case in point: This year we kicked off May with at least two weeks of lovely weather. I mean, we were getting sunburned at Ian’s Saturday baseball games. But the week of Memorial Day arrives and what do we get? Clouds, rain and downright chilly weather. Sadly, it’s been known to continue this way through June until July 4 hits, which all Portlanders know is the true start of summer. Until that date, all bets are off.

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