let’s talk about the weather

It happened tonight while I was on my way to pick up Elena after work. My first hint of frustration that over the next few months will more than likely turn into all-out anger and bitterness.

It’s actually been silently building all week. I was trying to suppress it, much like when I’m dying to make a little after-dinner trip to the yogurt shop across the street. It was Facebook’s fault, I think. All these so-called “friends” posting from DC about how warm it’s been. “Grilling season has officially begun!” posted one with a picture of her boys before dinner outside on their deck. “I should have never gone outside for lunch because now I just don’t want to go back!” posted another. Then a comment from my mother-in-law in Texas, “It’s been 80 here.” Followed by a picture of my nephew on the playground from my sister-in-law there…I couldn’t help but notice the bright sunshine and clear skies in the background. Of course, it’s central Texas. I mean, isn’t 80 like the annual low temp there? Still, it sounded nice.

So back to that drive to pick up Elena. There was a story on NPR about how spring (or early summer, they couldn’t decide which) had sprung in most of the nation and how that affects everything that blooms, including those gorgeous cherry blossoms I miss seeing around the Tidal Basin. (Not that we don’t have some here, but of course it’s not the same.) So, while I’m driving listening to this story about all the warm weather happening across the U.S., my windshield wipers were working overtime, the car thermometer reads 49 degrees and the seat heaters are going full blast. Because apparently Oregon has decided to buck the national weather trend and stay rainy and cold. Surprise, surprise.

Now, to be fair, overall we’ve had amazing weather this winter. In my book, it’s been unusually sunny, dry and warmer than usual for the most part. Regardless, we’re now coming into our sixth spring here and I can with certainty say that the next three months – April, May and June – are my least favorite here. Of course, they’ll be plenty of days where we are teased with spring and maybe a hint of summer. But it never stays around. This week while many are apparently basking in the sunshine, slathering myself with Hawaiian Tropics is only something I can dream about.

I’ve lost track, but I think it started raining sometime on Sunday and I’m pretty sure it hasn’t stopped. Oh wait, except on Monday night and Tuesday morning when it turned to snow for a bit before going back to rain. We’re not talking sprinkles. We’re talking BUCKETS of cold rain. I wasn’t even going to write this post until we finished up the dishes after dinner/bath/bedtime and I realized it has started pouring again outside after a brief reprieve. Like, I-think-our-house-is-about-to-wash-away monsoon pouring. The forecast for this weekend: rain, rain and more rain. Ugh. Don’t those clouds have some severe dehydration going on by this point?

I really like Portland, but living here in the spring and early summer when it often stays cold and rainy while everyone else seems to be enjoying sunny, warmer weather gets tough. Luckily, by the time I’m about ready to put up the for sale sign (wait, nah, it’d take a lot more than some rain to get me to put up a for sale sign, but you know what I mean), July arrives in the nick of time to remind us all why we live here. And not a moment too soon.

In the meantime, maybe I should take some lessons from Gene Kelly. He seemed unusually happy in the rain with all that singing and kicking up his feet. Then again, I bet he never lived in Oregon in the spring.


2 thoughts on “let’s talk about the weather

  1. Amen, I have been feeling the same way! I felt like I was just about going to lose it yesterday with the buckets of rain coming down. Come on, Spring! (and I mean, warm spring)!

  2. Before moving to Oregon two years ago I made a trip to Eugene for my nephew’s U of O graduation. While browsing in the college bookstore I couldn’t pass up a t-shirt that read, “The sun is out, it must be Monday.” I assumed it was a cute inside joke. Wrong.

    Good luck surviving until summer. p.s. pray for sun when we visit in two weeks.

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