get me to the gate now, please

You know how you’re on a flight…maybe it’s only been a couple of hours or maybe it’s been several…and you are SO READY to land and get off that airplane and resume control of real life? So finally you are on the ground and taxing to your gate when you come to a screeching halt and the pilot announces that your gate is occupied so you proceed to sit there and wait? And you are so annoyed because it’s like you can reach out and touch the terminal, yet you can’t get there?

Yeah, well, that’s pretty much what life feels like right now. One step short of the terminal and can’t quite get there. The “terminal” of course, is our new house. While I’d like to say that apartment living as a family of four/five is not so bad and has its positives, well, I’d be lying. I mean, I’m being dramatic, obviously, because well, why not? And okay, there are some positives. Like, we all get to spend a lot of quality time very close together. Oh wait…scratch that one. Let’s see…positives…positives…unlike our “old” house (still feels strange to call it that), I can actually reach the microwave here without fear of a hot bowl of soup spilling in my face and causing me a trip to the hospital. Another positive: I don’t have very far to walk to and from the washing machine. (Or anywhere, really.) The couch is comfortable; that’s another positive. Zach seems really happy here (more confirmation that our cat is insane), as evidenced by the fact that he uses the litter box every single time. Now, granted, I could launch into the list of things that perhaps I don’t enjoy quite as much, like the fact that apparently there’s an unwritten rule that you must leave your garbage outside your door for a week before you walk it out the dumpster, but I do have to eventually get some sleep tonight, so I shall refrain.

While we’d like to be certain that a week from now our adventures in real estate will all be a distant memory, as of this writing everything is still very up in the air as to when our gate will open up – if you know what I mean. In the meantime, we wait. And so look forward to getting into our new house and perhaps even start to think about enjoying the holidays. I mean, heck, there’s all that Christmas music already playing on the radio and everything, so might as well go with the flow!

Earlier this week the Kienzles did send us a lovely email regarding the “housing transition” of our former house. Not realizing that we had already been out for several days, they even offered us a few extra hours to pack up if we needed it before they came to pick up the keys. So thoughtful, they are. They also asked if we might be able to show them how the sprinkler system works as well as the alarm (If there was one…they couldn’t remember. There isn’t. But we already knew they weren’t big on remembering details, including among so many other things that they wrote the wrong street name in our draft rental agreement. SIGH.) I’d say that Jeff and I got a good chuckle out of that request to lend them a helping hand, but sadly, we find no humor left in dealing with these people. Um no, we won’t be showing you how the sprinkler system works, you silly people.

Anyway, enough on that for now. Surely there will be more to details to come about our adventures given that I was unable to really talk about it at all during our whole process of selling our house and renting back while negotiations were still in play and we hoped to have a positive relationship with Doug and Sara. Now, that it’s all over and there’s no need to worry about being diplomatic, I realize there’s oh so much to talk about…



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