attack of the closet gremlins

I am absolutely positive that Closet Gremlins exist. What is a Closet Gremlin, you ask? Well, as the name implies, they are little gremlins who invade my closet at the beginning of every new season and steal all my clothes from the season that just ended so that, when that season rolls around again, all of the essential pieces of my wardrobe that are appropriate for that season are gone. Just like that.

I know this is true because every time I go digging for clothes at the start of a new season, I have absolutely nothing to wear. And I think, “How can that be?” Because I clearly recall going shopping and making purchases. And, I definitely recall wearing clothes every day. I also recall being in an outfit routine. You know – rotating things in and out – trying to space them out appropriately so I don’t get caught walking down the hall and having someone think, “Um, didn’t she just wear that the day before yesterday??” (Because zoo staff can be tough on fashion, let me tell you.)

As you might guess, I’m writing about this now because the Closet Gremlins have struck again. October in Portland has come in like a lion. Sunshine? Gone. Clear days? Gone. Rain? Check! Fog? Check! Apparently Mother Nature decided that Halloween was just too late for the crappy weather to start, so she’s getting a jump on things this year. Because of this, I suddenly have the need to reacquaint myself with all those lovely items I purchased last year. Except that I go in my closet in the mornings and I haven’t a clue what I wore last winter because it’s all disappeared. Sadly, this is why I am forced to go shopping again. It’s the fault of my Closet Gremlins, really, well dressed as they are.

Not as sadly, Nordstrom now has two reasons to love me. Last month they opened a Nordstrom Rack a few miles away from our house, almost across the street from the regular Nordstrom where they already love me and about four sales women get big smiles on their face when they see me come in (and of course greet me by name). Being on a shopping hiatus as I was following the Anniversary Sale in July, I even vowed to wait a while until the crowds died down after they had their grand opening. However, after I uncovered the latest “attack,” I was forced to end my dry spell. It didn’t hurt that being as how keeping up with Ian and Elena’s growing clothing needs (literally) is practically a full time job in-and-of itself, I have them as a proper excuse.

I’m happy to report that I have found my new Nordstrom Rack to be quite satisfactory, minus the fact that they don’t have a petite section. And almost as exciting, my return to the Nordstrom website after some time off revealed that they are now offering free shipping and returns on everything. Oh Nordstrom, how I love thee for thy customer service! (And frankly, it always surprised me that it took you this long to offer free shipping.)

So, this is how I spent part of my weekend…undoing some of the bad deeds done by the Closet Gremlins. (The other half of the weekend was spent how we usually spend it these days: continuing with our borderline obsessive quest to find the perfect house that apparently doesn’t exist anywhere in the Portland metro region.) They are annoying little creatures for sure, but I’ve sort of gotten used to having them around. Let’s just hope there’s not a mid-season unexpected Gremlin strike, otherwise I may not make it until June.


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