crazy and stressful, sprinkled with some beautiful

It’s been kind of a crazy week. Actually, crazy and incredibly stressful, if you must know. Not that you even asked, but hey, I told you anyway. But isn’t that kind of what blogging is all about? I digress. Now, where was I? Crazy and stressful. Right.

First of all, lots going on at work. But then again, there usually is. Second, Jeff was out of town so I was playing single mom. So, you know what I did the first night I picked them up? Yep, I hit the McDonald’s drive thru. Probably not going to win the Nutritional Mom of the Year award for that one but I was tired, stressed (did I mention that already?) and essentially in survival mode. And, I’m pretty sure that the Golden Arches were created for parents having days like that. Let the record show that I did not get anything for Elena, though. I did manage to dig up something semi-nutritious for her. I think I have created some unofficial rule that my children can’t have fast food until they turn three or something – and then all bets are off. Don’t ask my logic in this, because I have no idea but it seems like the right thing to do so I just go with it.

Anyway, there’s been some other stuff going on as well but it just wouldn’t be fun if I blogged about everything, now would it? I did have one evening (Tuesday, I believe) where I managed to get no more than four hours of sleep. That made for a really fun day yesterday. Last night was much better but still not feeling fully recovered, I will be headed upstairs again here shortly. Especially because I’m working the concert tomorrow eve….k.d. lang. It’s such a coincidence that I chose to work this one because I happen to love her. Go figure! I think she has a beautiful voice and I’ve been belting out Constant Craving all week just to prove how much I sound like her. I think my cat may disagree. That’s what he gets for causing me bodily harm. Should be a beautiful Friday evening at the zoo, though.

Speaking of beautiful, I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures that Jeff took during a stroll we took around the lawn of Pittock Mansion the weekend before last. One is the quintessential picture overlooking Portland with Mount Hood far in the distance (it’s almost hard to tell it apart from the puffy clouds); the other is just what I think is a really pretty flower picture. Because really, can you ever get enough pretty flower pictures?


1 thought on “crazy and stressful, sprinkled with some beautiful

  1. It’s not often, but sometimes there’s nothing better than a mickey d’s cheeseburger, small fries and a coke. There are days when empty calories and a sodium bomb are EXACTLY what I need 🙂

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