summer’s last gasp

It’s pouring outside. I can hear it as I type. It’s the kind of rainstorm that blows in from the Pacific and makes you want to stay inside curled up by the fire. Friday was the same way…one of those wet, cold, gray, just plain nasty days. It is, of course, not a surprise given that like clockwork, sometime right around Halloween the glory that is summer in Portland disappears as Mother Nature casts her wet spell over the region for the next several months.

Jeff recalls that he took the transition hard last year, but I’m the one who is having the hard time this year. It was around last weekend that the local weather guys and gals began sounding the warning sirens: For the first time in some crazy string of time, rain was headed our way; a storm was coming in Thursday night. The buzz began that the end of summer was imminent.

Thursday, there was more than one post on Facebook about it – pictures of last hikes and shimmering lakes beneath blue skies. Like the last few months, the day was so pretty you would not have guessed it was all about to come to a screeching halt. Jeff had dinner plans that evening; Ian was scheduled for his last soccer practice. Initially, I was very tempted to bag the practice since it would mean managing a hungry toddler until 7pm and then having to get them dinner and then bed. But it was such a pretty evening, and it was his last one before his final game Saturday (yesterday), so off we went.

Elena and I spent most of the time on the playground so that she could go down a slide about 50 billion times. There were a ton of other kids of various ages and their parents out there doing the same. For sure it had started to get a little chilly by about 6:30 the last couple of weeks, but it was still a lovely sunset. At one point, I took a good look around at everyone enjoying the outside and took a mental snapshot to last me until next July. (Okay, perhaps I’m being a bit over-dramatic here because it’s certainly not like we won’t see the sun again until then, but right then it felt like it.)

By the time I got to work Friday morning, it was pouring cats and dogs. Just like that, summer was gone. Sigh. Sniff, sniff.

On the flip side, the rain subsided on Saturday, long enough for Ian to wrap up his soccer season, for he and Jeff to partake in a little driving range outing, and for me to get in some Saturday morning exercise around the neighborhood. It even held off for a dry pumpkin patch outing today, despite threatening skies. And, I’ve got plenty of inside activities on the “to-do” list that I’m sorta-kinda looking forward to tackling.

So, I guess all is not lost. I am apparently waterproof, after all.

Here we are at our annual visit to the patch:

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1 thought on “summer’s last gasp

  1. Looks like you got some great pumpkins. I particularly like the photo of you carrying your pumpkin with Elena walking resolutely behind you, hands behind her back. That’s a classic! The one of the three of you behind the animal pictures is really cute as well — too bad the photographer couldn’t be in the fourth slot so that the whole family could be in the picture. Glad you at least had a dry day for the pumpkin patch trip.

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